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and told her to bring her daughter to th▓e hospital for regular transfusions and call her for help if needed."Over 10 years have passed, and I'v▓e never seen that little girl again," Liu said. "Her miserable suffering touched me deeply, and I've felt great remorse for not giving more of a hand to the poor little angel at that time.▓"Liu has great empathy f

or parents whose children ha▓ve thalassemia because her own daughter was diagnosed with a severe form of▓ the disorder six months after her birth in 2001.She was told her daughter could only be cured by a bone-marrow transplant and that regular treatment - blood ▓transfusions, for example - would ju▓st prolong her life.In May 2009, Liu's daughter, then 8 ▓years old, received a transplant at Nanfang Hospital in Guangzhou, Gu

I feel terrible. I

angdong province, af▓ter a matched donor was found at Taiwan's Tz▓u Chi Bone Marrow Bank in 2008.Liu posted sto▓ries about her daughter's recovery and how to ta▓ke care of recuperating patients on Tencent's

QQ, a microblogging platform, under the name "Angel of thalassemia".Her efforts gave encouragement to many parents who were▓ afraid

to send their children for transplant surgery because of the risk of failure.Liu knew of more than 300 children in Hunan suffering from thalasse

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